Analysis of Common Faults in Medium

Analysis of Common Faults in Medium – sized Flour Milling Machine
1, mill failure
(1) body shaking, should be tightened grinding head and rack coupling bolts.
(2) Production decline. Should be tightened spring to ensure that the roll gap at both ends of the same wear on the wear to be repaired.
(3) flour temperature is high. Should be loosened roller,small scale maize milling machines south africa price
such as grinding roller wear and tear should be repaired or replaced; summer machine temperature should be shut down when the heat.
(4) No bran. Common reasons for spindle rotation is wrong, the screen frame tightness or mesh damage.
(5) No powder or powder less. A common cause is blocked screen.
2, spiral mixer failure
(1) Grain out of the mouth without food. The reason is the motor is not steering, the discharge port is blocked, stirrer blade rupture and so on.
(2) stirrer shaft does not turn. There are too many reasons for feeding, such as slippery belt.
3, closed the fan failure
Bad wind, face bags may be sucked. Common causes of air leakage at the junction, impeller wear and so on. Impeller wear can be installed in the outer edge of a rubber plate.
4, cloth filter failure
(1) Indoor fly more dust. Reason for the distribution; box dust collector is not tight, cloth tube is not; tie tight, then air duct leakage.
(2) Fabric filter flour too much. The reason is a large amount of wind, dust collector connected to the bottom of the leakage or wear wear, closed impeller and the shell gap and so on.
5, electrical failure
(1) The unit can not start. Common reasons are low voltage, distribution line phase loss, bad line, the control loop is broken, the fuse blown.
(2) stand-alone can not start. Common reasons stand-alone control ht-20d swing type spice grinding machine with ce
loop poor contact or disconnection, AC contactor coil burnout.
6, motor failure
The entire unit has more than 10 different sizes of motors, therefore, the motor fault can not be ignored. One of the major causes of motor damage is overheating. Causes of over-temperature due to lack of bearings, bearings into the dirt, bearing damage or; motor overload and so on.
7, cleaning screen failure
(1) clean up sieve vibrations or screen frame shaking. The reason is loose bolts or wedges.
(2) Grains with grains. The reason is that row of stone mouth throttle, sieve angle or inappropriate.
(3) Wheat is smashed too much. The reason is that the gap between the gear plate and the sieve is too small, the sieve is too large or damaged.

Small flour mill bearing repair problems

Small flour mill bearing repair problems
Small flour mill bearing wear, some can be used to repair the welding car. semolina machine10 ton per day semolina plant
Such as running the inner and outer rings in the bearing, with welding on the journal and cover the hole for welding, and then use the lathe into the required size. Preheating shaft and end cap preheating before welding. At the end of the welding, it is immediately buried deep in dry lime powder for slow cooling to control the quench and brittleness phenomenon. When using electric welding repair.
When the rotor of the small flour machine is separated from the shaft,roller mill coffee pulverizer household corn flour mill
inject the gap between the reset rotor and the shaft with the high temperature resistant adhesive 502, and the filler should be placed vertically with quick action. After both ends of injection, and then 40% saline water, place a few days later, you can assemble use.

Flour machinery to adjust the effect of what is the regulation

Flour machinery to adjust the effect of what is the regulation
Flour milling machine in the material from the process china maize flour fgrits crushing machine for sale
of crushing an important component in the regulation of the role of what is it! The following flour machinery manufacturers for your detailed analysis!
1, according to process requirements can be adjusted to see the entire length of the two roller mill machinery rolling distance, the device can flexibly adjust the rolling distance at either end of the two grinding rollers.
2, flour mill two rollers normal work, such as fall into hard objects or a sudden increase in flow, make it through the restoration of normal work. The company is located in:
3, when the material is interrupted, the two flour mill roller should be able to nshima flour milling eauipment
quickly release, so as to avoid two grinding roller impact grinding damage.

Flour machinery which contains the main system

Flour machinery which contains the main system components In order to efficiently and quickly convert a large amount of raw grain to flour that meets the quality requirements, the use of flour machinery is essential. Which type of equipment which contains the main system components? Henan Taixing as the main design, manufacture of the product company pointed out industrial fully automatic flour machine that it mainly contains a leather mill system, slag mill system, cleaning system, heart grinding system and tail mill system. Among them, the skinning system is mainly to peel the wheat, scraping wheat bran from the wheat bran, wheat heart and meal, but not too broken bran tablets, to facilitate the endosperm and the skins to a greater extent to the separation can be made a small amount of flour. The slag mill system in the flour machinery, it is to deal with the separation of wheat residue, so that the wheat and endosperm further separation, from which the better quality wheat heart and meal, the latter by mechanical milling of flour can be made into powder. The powder system is a mixture of wheat residue, wheat heart, meal and bran residues, etc., which are separated from each other by means of the combination of sieving and wind selection of the purifying machine and sent to the corresponding crushing system for processing. The heart-grinding system is to crush the wheat heart and the coarse powder different output wheat flour milling equipment obtained from the skin mill system, the slag mill system and the powder cleaning system into the flour with a certain degree of fineness. Tail mill system is the middle and rear of the heart mill system, used to specifically deal with wheat bran, containing less quality wheat flour, from which the proposed flour.

The type of small flour machine Small

The type of small flour machine
Small flour mill has an old-fashioned 278 cone mill, due to low price stainless steel yam flour processing machine
low production efficiency, mill flour temperature is high, broken bran, the majority of black face has been eliminated. kenya diamonds single machine for flour mill
Now people commonly used are stone and roller mill, of which the production efficiency of stone is slightly lower, the color a little worse but by many urban people’s favorite, high cost of processing the market price of stone flour is generally between 2.5 yuan -3.0 yuan When the price is slightly limited by the consumer groups. Roll mill is now the world’s major equipment for flour processing, as small as 300-500 cats produce a single unit up to hundreds of tons of large units are generally used in roller mill. Roll mill production efficiency, flour color, low processing costs. Especially the small roller type flour machine, less investment, small footprint, flexible processing by urban and rural households milling favored

How to use the mill equipment properly

How to use the mill equipment properly
How to use the mill equipment properly, how to make the mill equipment use longer, 60-150tpd compact wheat flour mill machine
how to make the production more secure, master common sense, maintain their own equipment, make it more perfect, work more smooth operation.
1. Roller mill scrap limit, the minimum remaining wall thickness of not less than 10mm.
2. At the same time grinding material, careful observation of materials, metal blocks are prohibited from entering the machine, to avoid damage to the roller and the grinding ring, and the center hanger.
3. Uniform material sent to the silo, not less can make the work more fluid, too much will lead to blocked the air duct eventually reduce production, more serious damage to equipment parts.
4. According to the fineness, output requirements of thehigh quallity wheat bran finisher
appropriate regulation of fans, improve work efficiency.
5. The transmission part of the rolling bearings lubrication conditions, to avoid serious damage to shorten the service life.

Flour machine after the cooked wheat

Flour machine after the cooked wheat flour is what
The ripening of wheat flour, also known as ripening, ripening and aging. machines for processing corn in making feed stuff
New flour mill flour viscosity, lack of flexibility and toughness, not easy to use noodles, especially for the production of bread and bread food appear dark skin color, can not afford a, easy to collapse and shrinkage, and the organization is not uniform, However, after a period of storage of wheat flour, the above disadvantages will be improved. This phenomenon is called “ripening” of wheat flour.
Flour machine wheat flour after cooked is: the newly ground wheat flour in the half-amino acid and cystine contains unoxidized thiol, the sulfhydryl is a protease activator, when activated phospholipase will be strongly decomposed Wheat flour in the protein, which is the deterioration of flour quality. At the same time, wheat flour contains carotenoids that affect the color of wheat flour due to the color of carotenoids. However, after a period of storage, the wheat flour can be oxidized and lose its activity due to the oxygen in the air, and the conjugated double bonds of the carotenoid are oxidized and destroyed, so that the protein in the wheat flour is oxidized Is broken down, and the wheat flour is whitened due to the destruction of the carotenoid structure.
Naturally ripe wheat flour takes longer, usually 3-4 weeks is appropriate.high capacity yam flour production line machinery
The use of wheat flour to add food additives, can greatly shorten the maturity of wheat flour. The addition of benzoyl peroxide in wheat flour has a positive effect on the ripening of wheat flour. Benzoyl peroxide can decompose and release atomic oxygen in wheat flour so that the wheat flour can be cooked in a matter of days. In this way, the whiteness of the wheat flour not only increases, but also the wheat flour meets the process requirements for the production of noodles (bread, bread, etc.) and greatly reduces the risk of moldy due to the long-term storage of wheat flour

Flour sorting process description Flour machine

Flour sorting process description
Flour machine We have learned in previous articles, high quality of 20t/24h maize milling plant oats machine
the process of sorting the flour machine pellet what is it? Let’s look at the details of the staff.
Flour machine in the power system on the spindle, top-down from top to bottom with a bearing cover, grain flour milling machines with price in senegal
radial ball bearings, bearing pads, thrust ball bearings, radial ball bearings. In the grinding system of the grinding body, the spring mounted on the spindle, the spring pad, the grinding head, adjusting nut and the outer grinding head composition; in the separation system, installed in the spindle above the brush, there is a spring, There is a adjusting nut under the brush. Blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, collision dual crushing function in one, and can complete the particle sorting process. In the process of blade cutting and grinding, the rotor generates high-speed airflow to rotate with the cutting direction of the blade, the material accelerates in the airflow, and the impact is repeated to make the material be double-crushed at the same time to speed up the crushing rate of the material. The utility model flour machine has the advantages of simple structure, good process and installation process, small volume and light noise.

Stone flour milling machine steps

Stone flour milling machine steps
The stone flour milling machine is divided into single flour milling machine and complete single flour milling machine. No matter which type complete line of flour mill price by chinese manufacture
of machine is installed, it is required to keep the flatness of the ground to be installed for the convenience of the current installation. Here’s a brief introduction to the stone milling machine device steps.
On the basis of a flat ground, install the grinding roller, which is the core part of the stone flour mill, and clean it and the surrounding parts before the installation. After the grinding roller is well installed, Adjust it, because of the size of the gap between them, the flour production rate and the pros and cons of flour quality. Some other parts of the final device stone flour machine.
Stone flour machine installed in accordance with the above steps, high quality european standard wheat flour mill
but also for trial operation, observe the coordination between the components is harmonious and efficient, not to be adjusted again. After the trial run, before it can be formally used.

Flour machine teach you the practice of wild pancakes

Flour machine teach you the practice of wild pancakes
Spring is coming, a lot of wild plants are hidden in easy operation hot selling flour mill with cheap price
the wheat seedlings in the head, many people will be bent over the basket in the field looking for a wonderful gift of nature, wild herbs generally have a pure quality, pollution-free, nutritious, fresh and delicious, Is one of the best ingredients. It is also the testimony that accompanied people and nature. At this time, you need to start a solemn ceremony to welcome the arrival of spring – pancake pancakes. Today flour machine to teach you how to make wild pancakes.
Flour into the larger bowl, transferred into a paste (transferred to a little bit of particles), into the eggs, add wild vegetables, stir, put the pot oil (oil do not need to put more), into the batter, Gently turn round, fry the side slightly rolled up, turn over to fry the other side, fried a little yellow on the cooked, followed by all the fried pancake, put the chopping board into the cutting board, complete.
General city is hard to dig up fresh wild vegetables,electric grain grinding machine
you can go to the supermarket to buy, and then make a Meimei spring feast to enjoy it.